This project could not have happened without the work of volunteers. Late-May volunteers’ names may not appear right away but thanks to them, too!

Kyle Harter: hut-builder

Amy Harter, Aimee Yogi, Debbie Joy-Reynolds: cloths preparation

Aimee Yogi, Isaac A. Boatright, Karen Daly, Debrae FireHawk, Jamie Bourgeois, Robert Boyce: hanging hopes

Rachael Perry and most of the above volunteers: photography

Special mention: BIPOC Artists Collective (FB group)

Future Hopes

If you are interested in volunteering, please be in touch. In June 2021 we could turn the taken-down hopes into something beautiful that could be displayed in a more compact way. There will be future versions.

Above, top row photos, left to right: Kyle Harter, Aimee Yogi, Amy Harter, Debrae FireHawk (and coordinating artist Sara Miura Zolbrod).

Bottom row photo: Karen Daly.